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Government budget 2016, RedRite, Leeds

Government released Budget 2016. How does it affect you?

Last week saw the new Budget announced by the government and with it comes a lot of changes that could seriously benefit people with in business. No matter what industry you are, employees or just you, the changes could mean a big difference with such things as tax changes, threshold increases...

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Working Tax Credits 2016, RedRite, Leeds, Virtual Assistant

Working Tax Credits and what the changes mean to you

The changes to Working Tax Credits and what it means for those self-employed. Many self-employed individuals have been receiving a letter similar stating changes in Working Tax Credits eligibility, and worrying about the impact it may have on themselves. We rung the Tax Office and asked them several questions...

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Top tips to being organised, RedRite, Leeds, Virtual Assistant

Top Tips to getting organised

Welcome to 2016!! January is the best time to start getting organised for the year head. Planning your goals, setting achievable targets and starting the year off with a positive attitude. Sometimes though it is not always possible to get the motivation to get going, especially when you are...

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