Running a business requires you to wear far more hats than you maybe prepared for, while your passion is in the products or services you provide the tasks of operating your business itself can dull that passion. Fall in love with your business again.

Imagine a work day where you are not worried about your website jobs, your online marketing or other tech jobs that you find consuming your every day. Imagine a work day when you can send off a quick email and can rest knowing it is being handled. This is exactly what me and my tech support services can offer you!

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£36015 hrs / Month
Not 100% sure what you can outsource, or how much help you may need? Then get your feet wet with my basic package.

15 hours is just enough hours a month to help take the pressure off worrying about your website, drowning in emails or managing the basic tech tasks.

Gear Up
£46020hrs / Month
Ready for your business to grow, or already starting to grow? Finding yourself buried under to do lists to support that growth?

20 hours a month can help take those technical and more time consuming tasks off your hands allowing you to focus on the growth. It can also provide additional support in using the tools needed for growth.

£56025hrs / Month
Ready for your right hand woman, to come in and fully support your business in all aspects of its digital tech?

25 hours a month gives you enough hours to actually take a step back from your business and ensures the digital tools needed to operate your business are handled with care and skill.

All retainer packages are paid upfront on the 1st of the month and can be used for whatever tasks you wish me to complete. This guarantees you the reserved hours you need every month. If you are getting close to using up all those hours, I will let you know in advance. 

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Audio Transcription

Audio recordings are not something new, and neither is transcriptions. With many industries using the recordings as fast and efficient way to record meetings, research groups, and notes. What does take time though is typing those audio files up in to usable documents that can be shared with participants of the meetings. Outsourcing these audio recordings can save time and money – imagine spending 3 hours typing up 30 minutes of audio, how much could you have made working instead? 

Video Transcription

As more and more video is used for marketing businesses, and pressure is placed on companies to be more user friendly, transcriptions are also becoming popular with Youtubers, Course writers, and anyone who uses a video to market their business. The audio files linked to the videos are being transcribed to provide subtitles for those who require them.

More Information

Here at RedRite, our Audio transcriber works to transcriber your audio files into either Verbatim or Summarised files using our own template. However, we are more than happy to accept your own template if you require a specific format. Our Transcriber has experience with a number of accents, and worked with recordings from individuals to large focused groups, for a wide range of subjects.

Prices start from just £0.75 per minute, get in touch to receive your quote and get started!

Audio Transcription


  • Plugins are checked monthly for any issues
  • Updates run to ensure up to date security
  • Any deprecated plugins identified and new ones researched


  • Coding issues reviewed and resolved
  • Website settings checked and updated
  • Any tech issues handled


  • Changes to page content
  • New pages added where needed
  • Update of lead magnets and sign ups

Website Maintenance packages start from £45pm

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