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Are you ready for Zoom 5.0 let RedRite Help


March – April 2020 Zoom users experienced a large number of security risks, with random strangers popping in to their chats, unfortunate and at times disturbing screenshares happening and a number of other security issues. At a time when video calling for meetings and socialising was a must thanks to Covid-19, this caused major concerns

Website Jargon by RedRite

Website Terminology and Jargon

As I am getting ready for my first Website building workshop quite a few people have been asking about the different terminology used when it comes to websites. There are quite a few terms that website developers and designers throw around that might as well be another language to those who don’t spend their days

Wordpress Versions - which one?

WordPress – What Is the Difference?

Mention a website building platform and guarantee WordPress will be one of the names mentioned, if not the first. First released in 2003, WordPress now has around 58% of the CMS market share depending which survey you look at (CMS is Content Management System), and around 75% of live websites are either built on WordPress

Save Money in Business

Saving Money in Your Business

One thing people are always looking for is to save money. However, following on from a recent networking event the attendees realised that we may not always be as open to saving money as we think. We discussed savings in gas and electric at home, but it got me thinking about ways we can save

Working with a Virtual Assistant, Remote work, RedRite

How to work with a Virtual Assistant

Be warned this holds my personal opinions which some may not like One of the most common questions I get asked when discussing being a Virtual Assistant with people is how does it actually all work though? Like, how do they send me the tasks, how do they know what tasks to send me, and

GDPR, Leeds, RedRite

GDPR – My Thoughts

GDPR. Its 4 letters that have started to put the fear of life in business owners, and with its implementation in May not too far away many business owners are stressing over whether they are compliant or not. STOP STRESSING! GDPR is all about being upfront, honest and very clear in what you do –