Having an online presence is essential to being noticed. You can use social media, but we all know that they change their algorithms more times than I am sure you change socks in a week. It is well documented that many of the social media platforms are making it harder for businesses to be found without paying for the views, or there is so much noise it is hard to stand out from the crowd without posting hourly – and who has time for that!

Consider this: The current Twitter algorithms prevent you from posting the same post once an hour, or every 10 posts, so you would need to come up with at least 10 posts a day.

You own the website and its content, you decide what your followers see and if you only want to post once a month (through a blog or updated content) then you can. A website is branded to your business, rather than competing with the branding of the social media platform, and the information laid out in a way you prefer.

But you have to actually the build the website to begin with, and this is where RedRite’s Website build comes in. In just a few steps you can have a fully functioning website up and running, fully branded and built to include everything you need.

  • Built to your specifications and fully responsive
  • Easy to maintain and built with SEO basic included
  • FREE Training on WordPress Dashboard included

Get everything you need to get see online with your domain name, hosting and website build with RedRite’s Domain and Hosting packages.

Passive income something you have been thinking of? Got something to share with others? Then an online course could be your answer. Share your knowledge with the world, and using an online platform you can earn while you get on with life.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey to creating a passive income through a course, RedRite can help you create the perfect course and get it hosted on Thinkific.

Thinkific is a course specific hosting company, who provide everything you need:

  • Home page
  • Course pages
  • Payment pages and connectable to PayPal or Stripe
  • Emails to your students when they join and throughout their journey
  • Learning platform with audio, video, text, downloads, and more
  • Each class of a course can be drip released so manage the speed in which students learn

RedRite can help you design the course itself, upload the materials you have ready to go, or help manage students and the marketing of your course. Get in touch to see if Thinkific is the platform for you and how to make it work so you can sit back and enjoy the income a course can generate.

Thinking of creating a freebie, or lead magnet, to gain subscribers to your mailing list? What if you could turn those subscribers into paying customers rather than just sending them a newsletter every week/month?

With a sales funnel you create a nurture sequence of emails that follow on from your Lead Magnet landing page. These emails help your subscribers learn more about you and your business, and develop a stronger relationship with them than just sending out standardised newsletters.

You can then add in a sales page selling a particular service or product, which can change as your offers change, Linking your Lead Magnet to your paid offering increases your chances of a sale. All you have to do it share the link to the lead magnet landing page on occasion and let the sales funnel do the rest.

  • Turn your mailing list into paying customers
  • Running a workshop or webinar? Don’t lose them after the session, send them down your sales funnel.
  • Simple and easy to set up, yet an evergreen marketing tool

Looking for something else ? You may want…

Additional Business Support Services at RedRite

Website Build Finish

Already got a WordPress website but finding time to complete it is a struggle? Have some amazing ideas but stuck on how to implement them? I can help complete your current wordpress build for you.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Don’t need a full sales funnel, but instead some simple email marketing campaigns designed and scheduled? Already got the landing page but need the nurture sequence creating? Simply send me the content and lets get started.

Online Technical Issues

Having trouble setting up a plugin, or an email sequence not working as it should. Let me take a gander at what you currently have in place and identify the issues as well as repair it where possible too. Need more on going support with your tech issues? Check out my Support Services. 
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Looking for support with the tech you already have in place, or with your business operations? Then visit my Support Services page.

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