Possibly time for a break?

Possibly time for a break?

Is taking a break from business a bad idea or necessity?

Running your own business can be extremely rewarding when you look at your bank account each month, have referrals coming through non-stop and seem to be constantly working but is it really worth it?

Working 80 hours a week, missing out on time with family and not enjoying all the luxuries that inflated bank account grants you doesn’t seem worth it at all. Sometimes we need to step back and take a break before we burn out, with a major study showing that individuals who work more than 55 hours a week are more likely to suffer a stroke than those who put in 35 to 40 hours. Working excessive hours can also lead to serious physiological, emotional, effecting immune systems and increasing risks of health problems.

take a break

It is understandable that in order to achieve financial goals the work is required, especially when building up a new small business however the need to delegate tasks and to take your time is just as important. If you are tired out and stressing over every aspect of your business it will impact on your approach towards customers and the service in which they receive, thus negatively impacting the perception people have of your business.

So how can we help ease those stresses and become more productive?

Dedicating an amount of time each week to chill out and focus on ourselves is one major step we can take to ease the effects of stresses.

Delegating those little jobs that drive you mad yet need doing. Hiring companies such as ourselves to help with tasks such as book keeping, data entry and even your social media means you can focus more on family on evenings and weekends.

Breaking those goals in to more obtainable goals that you can work on means you are not stressing to reach a goal that may not be obtainable within the first 3 years of business. Create yourself 6 monthly goals and work on those before you know it you will have reached that ultimate goal.

Make some excellent connections in the business world. This way if someone comes to you for something that you might not be able to assist with on your own you can look through your connections and already have a business relationship with someone who may be able to help. Taking time out to create these connections also helps you enjoy some form of socialisation outside of your customers while working.

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When all is said and done money is not the be all and end all of business, yes it makes things easier but it doesn’t build memories, doesn’t keep you company and can never replace your family. Take time out to enjoy the things that do.

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