Changes to RedRite – and a Personal Note

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Changes to RedRite – and a Personal Note

Dear Clients (current and potential),

Throughout July and August I found myself struggling a lot with all my commitments, to you as my client, to my kids as their mum and to myself. Mistakes were made all round to which I apologies for and will be making amends where possible.

Reflecting on those mistakes and looking forward to the next few months I have come to the realisation my business has developed and grown beyond my current processes, to the point they are actually having a negative impact on my business. I find myself checking emails before I have even opened my eyes in a morning, or checking them as they close on an evening. I have found myself trying to research and build websites on my phone while walking around parks with my kids during the day. This as expected has a negative impact on my love for my business but even more so it has a negative impact on the quality of service I am providing.

As many of my clients know I have medical conditions, and a son with disabilities, so we both require a number of medical appointments. As of the 3rd of September I will be taking on the task of going through the Autism Diagnosis process with my son, which will require more than the usual medical appointments. I am also under going treatment on my eyes to prevent any vision loss due to my medical conditions, and will be starting a new medical regime to hopefully improve my health – I have to fight for funding first though! I do not envision this having a major impact on my work but I will keep you updated.

Also in the upcoming months I will be starting Uni studies again. My course starts on the 1st of October and in April I will be taking on a 2nd course which will overlap. These are the last 2 courses for my Uni degree and vital to me receiving my degree so I will need to be able to dedicate the necessary time to them.

Taking all these upcoming changes in to consideration I am changing aspects of my business process to ensure I can fulfil these commitments and also fulfil your projects.

  1. I will no longer reply to messages before 10am in the morning, and after 8pm at night. The exception to this rule is
    • Wednesdays, where I will stop answering messages at 2pm so I can spend the evening studying.
    • Monday’s and Friday’s mornings till 12pm where I will be taking care of household errands and studying.
    • Times when I am involved in my kids after school activities and it is difficult to (usually between 3:30pm and 6pm)
  2. Instead of instant replies with minimal information, replies may take longer, so I can guarantee a more in depth reply with more relevant information. This will avoid messages getting missed, or small tasks being looked over. I understand these are all important but they sometimes are overlooked when buried in emails with big project details.
  3. Sunday’s are my social media day so anything you wish posting for the following week will need to be provided by 1pm Sunday.
  4. Any documents that require regular updates – such as reports or tracking documents – will be saved as an online file for easy access, and to avoid having several copies of the file floating around. A link to this file will be provided when the first document is created.
  5. I have turned off email notifications on my phone to negate the urge to reply while on the go as this has shown to cause quite a few problems, with mistyping and missed messages etc

I hope you can understand the need to fine tune my contact hours, and the way I work to provide a better service to you while also being me, a mum and a student. Many of my clients have always been accepting of my many roles and at times restrictions, to which I am appreciative as I know it can be hard when you want something done urgent. However, this way should create a smoother more efficient working process for all.

If you have any concerns then please do get in touch and I will work with you to relive them.

To anyone out there thinking they are alone struggling with being a business owner – you are not! We all have something going on in the background and it is doesn’t need to be hidden away. You will be surprised how many people are understanding and appreciative of knowing, creating a better working relationship between you.

Care and support

Shari Sant

RedRite Founder

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