Networking on Twitter

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Networking on Twitter

Getting noticed is a big step in getting customers for your business but the problem is getting noticed in the first place. One way that has become very popular and effective is using a #twitterhour hashtag.

The traditional methods of networking usually consist in getting together in a designated location, talking with like-minded business men/women and exchanging business information. You then leave such events and keep your fingers crossed to hear from those businesses again, which is not always a guarantee. With Twitter hours however you get to interact and chat to other business owners, exchange information and gather new followers, you can then keep on top of communicating with these new followers keeping your business fore front in their minds. There are over 300 #twitterhour hashtags currently circulating around twitter containing both local and category hashtags these can be found here – #TwitterHours

The aim of these hours are to chat with other business owners, retweet tweets and help not only your business but their businesses get noticed by a larger audience of people. You are expected to be polite, friendly and supportive in your comments, creating an effective community of businesses all supporting one another. The large the community the more chance the hashtag has of trending and getting noticed even further.

Although this does not guarantee you extra customer it does provide you with extra leads and the possibility of turning those leads in to customers, it all depends how you tweet. Be careful as to what you tweet, check that it does not cause discomfort with your followers or insults anyone. If you use any other hashtag double check its relevance also.

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Happy Networking.