May Bank Holiday…

May Bank Holiday, University, RedRite, Leeds

May Bank Holiday…

As another Bank holiday finishes we hope you have had a relaxing weekend and managed to put your feet up at some point. We have had a fun but busy weekend, completing a University assignment (One of the last of my first year), building a shed in the back garden and just generally enjoying an opportunity to relax with family and friends.

A conversation that has taken place over the weekend though has us thinking, when writing assignments for school/college/university how many different ways are you advised to write? So far we have thought about:

  • Business Reports – With a cover, contents page, main body and then an executive summary. Majority of reports are written in first person.
  • Social Science Essay – a completely impersonal piece of writing that requires you to discuss different points of view on a topic and then conclude with a concluding statement..
  • Psychology Report – A mixture of the previous two types of report, where clear and precise points are needed and backed up with evidence, whether through personal experimentation or reference from elsewhere which is then solidly concluded through a personal point of view.
  • Journalism article – A ‘to the point’ fact filled piece of writing that brings the reader’s attention direct to the issue and lays out the facts in a clear, some times opinionated manner.

These are all types of assignments so far we have encountered through our own personal journey in education. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated and may result in a future post focusing on the construction of the different types of writing.

Now to go and finish enjoying the reasonable weather we have been blessed this weekend and start planning for the week ahead, a possible road trip to a few of the local museums and some more writing to do is in the books.

Enjoy your week and please do get in touch.