Drive and Determination

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Drive and Determination

When starting a new business many websites and advisors provide lists and lists of actions that need to be taken in order to get started but they miss the 2 main points needed when starting a business.

Drive and determination.

You can come up with any business and follow the guidelines to set it up but if your heart isn’t behind the original idea, and your reason behind creating the business is something as simple as wanting something to do then you can tick all the lists in the world but the business will most likely fail. Some are lucky enough to land on their feet and succeed but one the personal interest and motivation within a company is gone there is very little driving it forward to continue to succeed.

Just like a painter, you cannot create if there is no muse to make you want to create. For business owners this is their drive to continue seeing their business succeed and the creativity to come up with ideas which will get them noticed amongst the crowd. This doesn’t mean painting the shop walls a vibrant orange or displays in neon colours, no it means providing customer service that pulls customers back and has them spreading the word, it means creating an atmosphere that attracts customers and makes them feel comfortable to stay a little longer.

This is true for all businesses not just shops. Online business? If your website is not functional enough or overloaded with irrelevant information potential customers are less likely to follow through with contact. Service providers? A comfortable, welcoming office can make any potential customers calmer about approaching you than a stark office with aging posters on the wall. Café or restaurant? Unclutter tables, a comfortable environment and quiet service allows customers to relax, enjoy their food and encourage friends to join them next time they visit or buy desert/another drink.

In this growing technological world being connected on a variety of platforms will increase your market (unsure how or do not have time? Then contact us today) as long as you know your business and your customers to create a solid foundation in which to grow from. Harassing people and overloading them with marketing materials though has an alternate effect and can turn people off from following your company, determination is one thing but pushing is too much. One tip that is mentioned in many marketing diplomas and degrees is to be human with your customers but do not make it personal, a friendly and approachable personality will attract customers but if they see your social media platforms contain personal grievances over something or an increasing amount of posts completely unrelated to your business this will also turn them away from you.

Yes, follow the lists to make sure you have set everything you need up but do not lose sight of the reason you set the business up amongst all the fine details running a business needs. It is all those little jobs that will help you accomplish the bigger picture that is your business. If those little jobs though start to become too much and you do start losing sight, contact us and let us lighten the burden for you.