WordPress Build Workshops

Do you want to save money, and build your own website? Making sure you know how to care for it on going and save having to rely on someone else to maintain it or make the smallest of changes for you?

But not sure how to do it?

Then sign up for one of my West Yorkshire based WordPress Building Workshops.

What Is Included In the Workshop?

Having your own website is fantastic for a business You own the website and its content, you decide what your followers see and if you only want to post once a month (through a blog or updated content) then you can. A website is branded to your business, rather than competing with the branding of the social media platform, and the information laid out in a way you prefer.

Whether you are building it to showcase your products, show off your portfolio or just as a place to send people for information, you can accomplish all of these using the WordPress platform. When built correctly it can be so simple and easy to maintain, as well as build yourself.

We can have your website up and running in just 3 short sessions!

  • Session One

    Get an understanding of what hosting is, and how to select the best for your plans. During the first session I will show you some of my favourite budget friendly hosting companies and help you set up your account with them, as well as purchase your domain.

    We will then walk through the process of setting up WordPress on your hosting before looking at themes. It is important to find a theme that you like, is visually appealing but also that is easy for you to use. This determines how easy it will be to set up your website, so although a theme might look fancy if half of it has to be coded that way it will be easier to select something more user friendly.

  • Session Two

    At our next session, we will start to build your website. Looking at the required pages, what content you want to showcase and what plugins you may need to make this possible.We will also look at security and SEO.

    This is the longest session of the workshop, and usually will be continued at home in spare time, as you may not know exactly what you want to write down and will find yourself re-arranging the information until you are happy with it. I have done this for my own website – and for many of my clients!

  • Session Three

    This third session can be done face to face or done over the phone/skype, and is more a troubleshooting session. If during your building hours at home you have come across a problem or have had an idea and unsure how to make it possible, this is the session to get it done in.

    We will also cover topics such as social sharing, and using tools such as Bit.ly when sharing your website links to track clicks. I will offer a basics of Google Analytics as well so you can understand all the information it provides you to improve your website in the future.

What if I want an E-commerce or Membership Website?


Then you can have one.

E-commerce websites are built using a system called Woocommerce, an online store platform used to sell products and services that integrates with WordPress. Comes with shop page layouts, payment gateways and individual product pages with descriptions and reviews.

There are also a number of Membership plugins to fulfil what you need. These can allow you to drip feed content, or share information all at once, to visitors who have paid for access. Several different level of members can be created, each giving access to different content for set fees. (Think course websites, each membership give access to different course information).

I will be running specific workshops for these types of sites if the numbers are great enough, however I would be willing to consider one to one sessions for such sites as well. Feel free to get in touch for us to discuss this

Training will be given on how to upload the products or set up the memberships so you understand exactly how it works for future reference. The available Payment gateways include PayPal or Stripe, both of which take credit cards and can set up subscriptions. They are both very easy to use and get along with.

How Much Does it Cost?

Time for the nitty gritty bit…

The workshops will cost £150 per person, a huge discount on purchasing a pre-made website you have no idea how to use!

You will need to purchase your hosting, domain and theme which Session one covers, and this usually is around another £100 depending on a number of factors.

So that is around £250 to build your own website, fully functional and training to understand how to maintain and build additional bits as you grow. All you have to do is sign up below!

Ready to Build your Website?

Fill in the below form to add your name to the waiting list.

I will be in touch as soon as the next workshop is organised near you, with a time and a location. Please make sure to identify any issues with dates/locations so I can make it fair on everyone.

If you would like to get building ASAP, I would consider doing a one to one session but this would need to be discussed, so please get in touch if this is your requirement.