Training Services


I don’t just take on the tasks you don’t know, I also help you learn how to do them yourself.

I currently offer two forms of learning:

Workshops: Small group sessions run within West Yorkshire, currently only covering WordPress Website Building but plenty more to come. Over a number of hours these workshops take you from start to finish on your website, helping you understand all its aspects, and how your theme/page builder/plugins work, as well as the links to your social media, email marketing and Google Business tools.

Consultations: Working 1:1 to help understand and get past the stumbling blocks you have with the tools your business needs. A number of tools are available to cover in the consultations, just ask if you can not see a tool you use listed. The consultations are handled over Zoom but if local to West Yorkshire they can be done face to face.

I am constantly looking for new ways to help and support my clients so do not hesitate to get in touch if you need help in a way that is not listed on the website.


Want your own website but worried about developer fees?

Do you want to save money, and build your own website instead?

Want to be able to care for it on going and save having to rely on someone else to maintain it or make the smallest of changes for you?

Then sign up for one of my West Yorkshire based WordPress Building Workshops.

In just 2 half day sessions I take you from no website to a fully functional website that you can understand, manage and update yourself.



Digital got you all mixed up and unsure what to do?

Need a helping hand getting your head round the tools you need?

Ready to learn a new skill, but finding yourself overwhelmed with all the choices of  courses?

Then sign up for one of my Digital Consultations.

In just 90mins I take you from beginner to a comfortable in using the online tools you need to develop and grow your business. I focus on your pain points, and avoid overwhelming you with more than you need.




An amazing tool for building websites. It can be configured and set up in a many number of ways with the right theme, plugins and know-how. I can help you understand how to build your own website, how to interact with the dashboard, or simply how to do basic updates on an existing site.


Have a list of subscribers but not sure what to do with them, or are you ready to start building a mailing list? Get to know the dashboard, the ins and outs of email marketing and the rules you need to follow to make the most of Mailchimp.


Want to share your knowledge to a wider audience, without actually being there? Then get yourself set up on Thinkific the online learning platform. I can help you grasp the admin areas, how to set up your courses, and connect with your mailing list and your landing pages for a complete automated system.


Want to give away a freebie, or need a sales page to entice buyers? Then you need to understand how landing pages work. Systems such as Clickfunnels, Leadpages and even Mailchimp Landing pages can all be covered. Showing you how to use the page builders, what elements to include on each page, and to optimise it for better results. I can then show you how to link it to your emails to start a sales funnel.


I have been asked to help my clients understand setting up Chrome profiles, Dropbox accounts, walk them through Google Business tools and a wide range of available online tools that can help make the difference within their business. And I ma happy to also help you. If you need help with a digital tool but it is not listed here then do get in touch using any avenue of communication – email, phone, social media – and I will be more than happy to assist.
Wordpress Website build and Maintenance Packages
Mailchimp Business Support Services
Thinkific course creation

Need something creating?

Looking for support in the form of a website, sales funnel or course creation? Then pay a visit to my Create Services page.

Create Services

Need Support Instead?

Looking for support with the tech you already have in place, or with your business operations? Then visit my Support Services page.

Support Services