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In this digital age the written word is still key, even with video becoming more and more popular people still like to read. With the right words your business can engage its audience, entice them in, and continue to build loyalty. With my Content Creation Services I help your business find those words, and write them in a way that will attract your audience – from website copy to newsletters, both in print and digital.

I get to know you and your business, as well as its target audience, to help put together insightful original copy to educate them on your business. For web copy and blogs, I use SEO tools so your words not only rank well with your audience but also with search engines.

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Email Campaigns

Many business owners feel it is all about the email lists, and getting those people signed up is hard enough but keeping them signed up can be just as hard. Your newsletter keeps those interested up to date with your business, products or services. It can also inform them of details you feel they need to know, from branding changes to changes with how the business is run. Keep your clients in the know before anyone else by sending them news directly to their inbox, and reward loyalty with special discounts just for them.

My Email campaign writing service provides you with content that will get across your message across, and direct your clients where they need to be. Special offers and loyalty rewards are made to feel personal while important information is informally provided. Leaving your clients feeling appreciated, informed and engaged. Every email campaign sent is through MailChimp, and are measured for the accuracy in reaching your target audience. Tweaks will be made to design and content to get the desired impact based upon open rates, click through rates and engagements rates.

Email Scripts and Document Creation

Beyond email campaigns you may also want to send out business emails to potential and current clients regarding their enquiries. It can get tiresome writing the same content over and over again – sometimes even missing out important information in the process.

My Email Scripts service will take all those details you need to send – or request – and place them in one email that you can then send as many times as you like. Details you need to change, dependent on the recipient clearly highlighted for you to change every time without losing the important details as well.

The same can be said for documents that may need sending regularly to clients, I can put together all the generic yet important details for you, and if needed you add the required bits before sending to a client. I can also type up any documents you need making from scratch for projects, or as part of an event – if it needs typing up then I can certainly handle it. (Documents can be created in many formats including PDFS)

Email Scripts, document creation, RedRite, Content Creation. Leeds
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Website Copy and Blogs

The more you have written per page, the bigger chance of getting those key words in and of search engines finding a reason to rank you higher than your competitors. Therefore, your website copy needs to be informative without being a sales pitch. It needs to let potential clients know what you can offer them and give them a reason to choose you over everyone else. One of the most important collection of words you may possibly need in business, yet one of the hardest to right. I get to know you and your business, as well as your audience, to help create content that attracts, entices and encourages your audience to get in touch with you above your competitors. The words will be written in a tone to suit your business, and you personally, so that your audience is engaging with your words from the beginning – even if you didn’t actually write them.

One big SEO tool for websites is having fresh regular content yet many businesses struggle to find the content. My Blogging service helps create industry relevant content for your business to be posted on a regular basis, from news based articles to educational evergreen topics. I help you give readers a reason to keep coming back to your website, and blogs can be added to email campaigns sending them directly to your subscribers ahead of the search engines advertising the content. All website copy and blogs are put through up to date SEO tools to provide you with the content that will work for your business and be loved by search engines.