Additional Services

The business is world is getting more and more digital, with audio and video playing a big role in how businesses not only market themselves, but also how consumers interact with businesses.

To assist your business in tapping in to this changing dynamic RedRite are offer the following selected additional services.

Audio Transcription


Traditional Transcription

Audio recordings are not something new, and neither is transcriptions. With many industries using the recordings as fast and efficient way to record meetings, research groups, and notes. What does take time though is typing those audio files up in to usable documents that can be shared with participants of the meetings. Outsourcing these audio recordings can save time and money – imagine spending 3 hours typing up 30 minutes of audio, how much could you have made working instead? 

Video Transcription

As more and more video is used for marketing businesses, and pressure is placed on companies to be more user friendly, transcriptions are also becoming popular with Youtubers, Course writers, and anyone who uses a video to market their business. The audio files linked to the videos are being transcribed to provide subtitles for those who require them.


Here at RedRite, our Audio transcriber works to transcriber your audio files into either Verbatim or Summarised files using our own template. However, we are more than happy to accept your own template if you require a specific format. Our Transcriber has experience with a number of accents, and worked with recordings from individuals to large focused groups, for a wide range of subjects.

Prices start from just £0.75 per minute, get in touch to receive your quote and get started!

How does it work?

Upload Audio File

Upload your Audio files to a private folder, provide by RedRite. Your file is then picked up by our Audio Transcriber and reviewed to ensure no problems before transcription begins.

Transcription Begins

Our Transcriber gets to work, typing up your audio into either our standard template, or your specified template. Audio can be typed up Verbatim or Summarised.

Receive your Transcription

Once complete your transcribed document is uploaded back in to the folder and released for collection, within the agreed turn around time and format.
Thinkific course creation

Thinkific Course Creation

Always wanted to write your own course to create passive income, or just been thinking about how to go about creating a course? It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey to creating a passive income through a course, RedRite can help you create the perfect course and get it hosted on Thinkific.


Thinkific is a course specific hosting company, who provide everything you need:

  • Home page
  • Course pages
  • Payment pages and connectable to PayPal or Stripe
  • Emails to your students when they join and throughout their journey
  • Learning platform with audio, video, text, downloads, and more
  • Each class of a course can be drip released so manage the speed in which students learn

RedRite can help you design the course itself, upload the materials you have ready to go, or help manage students and the marketing of your course. Get in touch to see if Thinkific is the platform for you and how to make it work so you can sit back and enjoy the income a course can generate.