Frequently Asked Questions

What makes RedRite Virtual Services different to other Virtual assistant services?

At RedRite we believe in providing a service catered to each client’s individual needs. We approach each client as a person rather than an income and like to get to know our clients to understand why they do what they do. This helps us make our services more personal to you and your business, as well as build a trusting relationship between us. We understand that start up business and small businesses can not necessarily afford the investment necessary to employ added support so our prices reflect are more realistic and affordable for our target market.

What Services do you provide?

We provide many aspect of virtual assistant services including to name a few:

  • E-mail management – such as newsletters, replying when you can’t, marketing materials
  • Social media management – researching and scheduling posts, replying to comments and messages, playing role of moderator
  • Typing services – Audio/copy typing, report writing, blog writing

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How can virtual assistant services help small businesses?

When you are trying to run a business on your own it can start to become too much and you can feel overloaded in work that does not even provide you a direct income, such as posting on Facebook or creating content for newsletters. RedRite can help with all these tedious tasks and without the added expense of an employee. With the changes in pension schemes and taxes for employees hiring can be a pain and cost you more than you are capable of investing, while contracting out the work to RedRite can cut on those costs and we only work the hours necessary. We can also grow as you grow without the added need for training expenses or hiring on an additional member of staff.

How does a Virtual Assistant work?

Easy peasey! Using online systems such as Dropbox, cloud based CRM systems and email we can safely and securely share important information including log in details for systems and social media, share documents within seconds and even have meetings while one of us is on the train – no time constraints. Even if your business deals in hard copy documents we can involve a courier or if you are local to Leeds we can meet up for a coffee and exchange information when necessary. The addition of Skype and other webinar facilities allows face to face meetings to take place with miles between us also.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant can take on the roles of several employees and only work the hours of 1-2 employees saving you a fortune in wages/pensions/taxes. With a variety of skills and flexibility of an acrobat you can ring/e-mail whenever you need something done and it can be done in an instant. If you want a holiday or take some time off to be with family then we can cover for you, answering basic enquiries and assuring the business keeps running smoothly. Many business owners hate paperwork and find ways in which to put it off so when the time comes to pull up some of that paperwork it takes twice as long, RedRite can have you so organised it will take a handful of clicks and all the information you need is there when you need it. To find out more visit our blog.