Soft Options Otley Website Build

  • RedRite Website Build of Soft Options Otley
RedRite Website Build of Soft Options Otley

Soft Options Otley Website Build

The Client

Soft Options Otley, a soft furnishing and interior designer in Otley UK.

The Task

This project was in collaboration with The Yorkshire Marketing Company who handled the branding for Helen, who had recently purchased Soft Options and wanted to to update the branding of the business and invest in a new website to reach a wider audience.

The Result

Helen spent time with Rachelle (From The Yorkshire Marketing Company) building and developing her brand before I was brought on board. When ready to get started with the website build I worked with both Rachelle and Helen to purchase the correct hosting necessary, and obtain all the newly branded graphics including the hex codes so the branding was consistent.

I built a 6 page website, with specific pages for their services, the brands they work with and projects they have worked on. Every graphic created and used was policed by Rachelle, ensuring Helen was provided a website that could be recognised in relation to her social media and marketing materials.

As with all website builds Helen was provided a follow up training session covering how to update her brand page, her project pages and modifying any content currently on the site. We discussed updating the plugins and wordpress when necessary for security purposes. During the build there was an issue with Helen losing access to her emails, which I worked with her and her previous hosting company to correct and set up her devices where needed.

More about The Yorkshire Marketing Company collaboration.

I have worked with Rachelle on a number of website builds, and strongly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their branding. She offers a 2 hour consult to oversee and approve any brand marketing work done by 3rd parties to ensure everything follows the brand guidelines and is consistent. Mention RedRite to her when you get in touch!