Size Me Sewing Website Build

  • Size Me Sewing Built by RedRite
Size Me Sewing Built by RedRite

Size Me Sewing Website Build

The Client

Donna King, Founder of Size Me Sewing and Frill & Flounce, West Yorkshire UK

The Task

Donna had an existing website, Frill and Flounce, that marketed her sewing lessons but was wanting to start a new business selling sewing patterns. She had her branding in place and a very clear idea what she wanted just a helping hand to make it a reality.

The Result

Donna’s clear and precise vision for her website meant finding her a theme was easy. We found the perfect one that would flow the way she wanted and suited her branding perfectly. The focus was to be on the products themselves so we limited the number of pages to emphasise this while also providing the relevant information to assist buyers in creating their patterns.

One category of products included allowing for custom measurements, so we used a custom fields plugin with conditional logic to make this possible. Buyers had to confirm whether they had submitted previous measurements before, and if so if they were still accurate before a sale could go ahead. In addition to the patterns there was also fabric bundles that could be added to orders and were recommended within the pattern descriptions.

Within the first few weeks of being open Donna had a steady stream of sales and was already planning new designs and patterns.