HMO & lifestyle Admin Support

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HMO & lifestyle Admin Support

The Client

Houses in Multiple Occupation Landlord

The Task

Chris originally needed someone with knowledge of IT to help run his HMO business, managing online listings and other applications he did not have the skill set for. His goal was to have his rooms rented out on a regular basis, and at full capacity.

The Result

Chris was not 100% clear on his direction to reach his end goal, but we worked together to update his property listings, add them to more appropriate sites. I researched his target audience and adjusted his listings to appeal to them better. I created welcome packs for his guests, message templates for him to send information efficiently and yet personalised to each visitor.

I also assisted Chris with the general day to day admin of life. Clearing out his inbox from spam and repeated subscriptions he never opened, clearing his office space to better organise his paperwork and ordering supplies he needed from Amazon and Ebay. When needed I have also Created listings on Ebay/Facebook/Gumtree to sell un-needed items.

HMO listings, General admin, Lifestyle admin